Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Isn't Christmas (Till It Happens In Your Heart)

Christmas isn't Christmas 'till it happens in your heart.
Somewhere, deep inside you, is where Christmas really starts 
So, give your heart to Jesus, you’ll discover when you do 
That’s it Christmas, really Christmas for you. 

Jesus brings warmth like a winter fire, a light like a candle’s glow 
He’s waiting now to come inside, like He did so long ago 
Jesus brings gifts of truth and life and makes them bloom and grow 
So welcome Him with a song of joy, and when He comes you’ll know…. 

That Christmas isn’t Christmas ‘til it happens in your heart 
Somewhere, deep inside you, is where Christmas really starts 
So, give your heart to Jesus, you’ll discover when you do 
That’s it Christmas, really Christmas 

Christmas, really Christmas 
Christmas, really Christmas for you
(lyrics Christmas Isn't Christmas)

National University of Singapore-Cultural Hall, 2 November 2013.

It was our daughter's graduation day.
So blessed to witness a chapter in her life. She's just graduated from her Kindergarten.
Getting ready to welcome her further mile in this life.
This song was there.
Filling my heart with gladness, joy, and also realizing the fact that really, it's our heart that we need to prepare while welcoming Christmas.

It's not easy to do so. I know it for sure:)

Singapore is just so gorgeously decorated- full of festive atmosphere.
Along Orchard Road, it's just very beautiful. Full of Christmas' ornaments whether inside or outside the malls. Along the road. Everywhere:)

Inside malls and supermarkets, all festive goods are sold.

I remembered Ho Chi Minh City for a glance...
It's also busy preparing Christmas in its own way.
Simple, but yet full of warmth...
Christmas nowadays are so identical with parties, festivities, holidays, which are dragging us further from the essence of Christmas itself.

19th of December 2013.

6 days before Christmas.

Many things inside my heart.

Many things on my mind.
Wondering. Pondering. Reflecting.
Apart of so many festivities atmosphere, will I still be able to prepare my heart in welcoming Christ?
I know I should, but yet I know that's not an easy thing to do.
I need to do my very best for that...
Realizing that Christmas will never be complete, will never be at its fullness, without preparing my heart for Christ.
Embracing Him with all the love that I've got. 
For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, Jesus Christ.

I'm grateful for that.

For Christ who was born for us.
He came to save us.
He even wanted to share our feelings as human...
He's true God and true man.
I can't express my thoughts in words now...
I'm amazed.
In an awe...
For knowing that He's there to help us.
To love us.
To forgive us...

As Catholics prepare themselves these weeks as Advent weeks.

Let's prepare our heart as well.
That's the main and important essence of Christmas...
Because Christmas isn't Christmas, 'till it happens in our heart.

Hopefully, all the festivity doesn't overwhelmed us too much.

Hopefully, we still put Jesus Christ as the main centre of the celebration.
Welcoming Him to this world, welcoming Him in our hearts.



Friday, December 13, 2013

Give Us A Grateful Heart, Oh Lord…

It’s been my second time visiting this hospital within the week.
I’ve been to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in city central, not far from the beautiful and prestigious Orchard Road area in Singapore.
There I was, looking at so many people with so many sicknesses that we couldn’t have ever imagined.

I visited one of my dear friend from Indonesia who had a surgery there.
While going to her ward, I heard some people speaking my own language.
So many Indonesians around here.
And while at the same time, I realized that there are so many people who are currently helpless with their situation.
Some of them were sitting hopelessly.
In pain.
Walking so slowly, maybe after some surgeries.

Having those experiences, made me realized that: how we (read: I) frequently take things for granted.
It’s so hard for me to stay thankful.
I always want more.
Sometimes, the feeling of competition is running fast…
So seldom I could be thankful for what I've got.

Health is a blessing.
Being able to spend time with our loved ones, even only for simple things such as watching TV together, having a meal together, having a walk in the park together, or even praying together is such a wonderful thing.
Again, it’s simple thing that counts…
Condition can deteriorate very fast, but we should treasure what we have at this moment.
Thanking God for His guidance.
Thanking Him for every single blessing in our life.

Here I am, Lord…
Calling on You…
Kneeling down on prayers to You…
Please give us a grateful heart…
Please give us a heart that’s full of thanksgiving…

We don’t need many things as we always want…
If only we could be thankful for simple things, then we realize that life indeed is beautiful in its simplicity.

Thanks for the breath of life, God…
Thanks for wonderful time we’ve had…
Thanks for the problems as well, as they make us stronger.
Thank You, Lord.
Thank You for everything.